Recommended action:
To continue using your Visual Studio Azure DevTest individual credit and discounts, take one of the following steps:
If someone in your team or organization purchases subscriptions on your behalf, contact your organization’s Visual Studio administrator and request a Visual Studio subscription that entitles you to the Azure DevTest individual credit amount you need. Please request the administrator to assign the new subscription to the same user ID that your previous subscription was assigned to, so that you don’t have to worry about transferring your Azure subscription.
If you can purchase a subscription directly, please do one of the following:
Purchase an annual Visual Studio Enterprise or Professional cloud subscription through the Visual Studio Marketplace.
Take advantage of a 50% or higher discount by renewing your current subscription through the Microsoft Store.
Compare all the subscriptions and their benefits.
If your subscription has a spending limit and you take no action before it expires, the Azure subscription(s) your Azure subscription will be disabled. To convert it to a pay-as-you-go offer and continue to use it, add a payment instrument and remove your spending limit.
If you prefer not to continue this Visual Studio Azure subscription, you may transfer your resources such as virtual machines and databases to another Azure subscription and cancel this subscription any time.
If you believe you’ve received this email in error, please contact Azure customer support.
Support Resources
Need help with Azure? Check out these resources:
Technical Support
Azure documentation
Selected Visual Studio Professional or Enterprise standard subscriptions will now have access to the Microsoft 365 benefit as long as their subscriptions are active.
What is different about E5 vs E3?
The Microsoft 365 E5 developer subscription offers new value and expanded access to critical Microsoft 365 workloads and capabilities. Developers with Microsoft 365 E5 sandbox subscriptions can get everything they enjoyed in E3 plus can take advantage of:
Advanced analytics with Power BI
Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) for compliance and information protection
Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
Azure Active Directory for building advanced identity and access management solutions
Locate the Microsoft 365 benefit tile in the "Tools" category, and click on Activate.
On the welcome screen, choose your region/country, enter your company name, and click the checkbox to accept the terms of use. Then click Next.
On the Program Preferences screen, fill out the various fields to indicate your preferences and areas of interest. When you're finished, click Activate subscription.
In the Set up your developer subscription dialog, choose your country, create your username and domain, and set your password. Then click Continue.
Specify your country code a phone number that supports SMS messages, and click Send Code. You'll receive a code via an SMS message.
Enter the code you received in the text message and click Set up.
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